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With Insurox you can compare auto insurance quotes from over 50 insurance companies. Our online real-time comparison software will compare and find the cheapest auto insurance quote for you to suit your needs, saving you time and money. It’s that easy.

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Need help choosing the right online car insurance?

That’s where we come in. Auto insurance isn’t the simplest thing to understand. Between legal requirements, optional coverage, deductible choices, and different coverage levels, it’s not always easy to figure out how to choose the best auto insurance policy.

Do you need full coverage or liability only? What does this mean?

At a minimum, full coverage includes:

The standard liability protection
Both collision and comprehensive coverage

If your car is new, leased or purchased with a loan, you’ll probably need “full coverage.” In case of an accident, these coverages will help protect your car and the other driver up to the limits shown on your policy.

Unless a third party requires full coverage (standard in many loans and leases), you can choose to carry “liability only,” which typically only protects the other driver and their vehicle in case you are found at-fault for an accident.

It’s a good idea to make sure you could afford to replace your car out-of-pocket when considering this option.

Take a look at all of the auto insurance options available from INSUROX® and how each one protects you.

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We understand that you want the best deal and the most accurate auto insurance rates. That’s why INSUROX will store your quote for 45 days so you won’t have to start over.

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INSUROX’s teams of professionally trained agents are available online and by phone at 1-888-546-1099.

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