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Many people find out too late they are at risk for flooding, and even worse, that their property insurance does not cover flood damage.

In fact, according to the National Flood Insurance Program, flooding occurs in every state and 25% of all floods occur in low-to-moderate risk areas.

Insurox compares flood insurance quotes from 15+ insurance companies (FEMA and Private Flood Insurance). Our online real-time comparison software will compare and find the cheapest flood insurance quote for you to suit your needs, saving you time and money. Is that easy?

For years, flood insurance premiums have been based on manual land surveys. Insurox is using technology to save you time and money.

We identify the best flood insurance company for you in a few minutes.

If you like what you see, you can immediately purchase and start enjoying INSUROX’s top-notch coverage.

Insurox Offers You:

Building Coverage – Covers damage to your dwelling and items such as the furnace and water heater
Contents Coverage – Covers your furniture, rugs, appliances, and clothing (subject to limitations in basement areas)
Property Protection – Pays for sandbagging and other expenses for preventing flood damage
Clean-Up Reimbursement – Covers costs of cleaning your home and removing debris after a flood



Retail and Wholesale / Become a Broker

Underwriters at Lloyd’s and Dual Commercial LLC have selected Insurox to distribute their private flood insurance products. They have chosen Insurox due to our superior knowledge/experience and our nationwide access.

Private flood insurance is alternative for the most of NFIP policyholders living in Special Flood Hazard Area (A and V zones). Our Private Market Flood program can accept residential, commercial and condominium association risks, often providing better coverage than the NFIP at a lower premium.

Our base policy is the same as an NFIP policy, with endorsements that offers even more coverage.

We offer high competitive commission schedule for both New and Renewal business. Our online comparison platform will compare the rates for you with only one click. Is that easy?

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Other flood insurance options include:

Expert Assistance

As one of the country's leading Flood insurance agency, our highly trained claim professionals are knowledgeable about flood insurance losses and able to provide you with superior claim service.

People also ask

Yes. You can get flood insurance if you live in a floodplain or high flood-risk area.

  1. You can get flood insurance if you live outside a floodplain, or in a low to moderate flood-risk area, and at lower cost.

  2. You can get flood insurance if your property has been flooded before.

  3. You can get flood insurance from insurance agents in your area.

  4. You can buy flood insurance even if your mortgage lender doesn’t require it.

According to FEMA, the average flood insurance policy costs about $700 per year, but can vary wildly, depending on your home’s elevation

Overall Insurox Flood Insurance is the best place to get Cheapest Flood Insurance.

Why? Because we COMPARE Instantly FEMA and 15+ Private Flood Insurance Companies in Real Time.

Statistically, the chances to get cheap rate are higher when you compare.

Damage caused by moisture, mildew, or mold that could have been avoided by the property owner or which is not attributable to the flood. Damage caused by earth movement, even if the earth movement is caused by flood.

Flood insurance is exactly what it sounds like. It is an insurance policy that helps to protect you against property damage in the event of a flood. If you live in an area that is deemed to have a high flood risk, you will likely be required to buy flood insurance buy your mortgage lender.

You can purchase NFIP flood insurance thru Insurox Web Site (, over the phone 888-546-1099 or you can visit one of our locations. You cannot buy it directly from the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP).