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Commercial Auto Insurance for your business

Nowadays, your phone isn’t the only thing that’s mobile. You are too. This means your vehicle is an extension of your workplace.  Whether you’re making a client call, picking up supplies or delivering goods to your customer, your mobile workstation plays a crucial part of running your business.

If your business owns vehicles, commercial auto insurance can provide financial protection if you or an employee become involved in an car accident while in a company-owned vehicle.

Do you need a commercial auto insurance policy?

If you use a vehicle for work, you probably need a commercial policy. Not sure?
Not a problem. Get in touch with an Insurox agent to find out if you need a commercial policy or not.

What does a commercial auto insurance policy provide?

Liability coverage – protection for bodily injury and property damage to others
Physical damage coverage – protects an owned vehicle against accidental loss or damage
Collision damage -losses resulting from the collision of a vehicle with another vehicle or object
Comprehensive damage – covers damages unrelated to a vehicle collision
A vandalized or stolen truck
A cracked windshield caused by a hail storm
Damages from hitting an animal that crossed the road at the wrong time
Natural disasters such as flooding or an earthquake

Who needs Commercial Auto Insurance?

Businesses that own, lease or rent vehicles such as cars and trucks
Businesses that have employees who drive their own vehicles to conduct business
Businesses that have employees who operate company vehicles that are leased, rented or owned