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Uber Insurance

Most Uber drivers sign up to drive without doing the right amount of research and often ignore the most important part of driving: Uber insurance.

Your personal car insurance policy will not fully cover you during rides if you’re driving for Uber. This is because insurance companies recognize Uber driving a “commercial” activity, and can claim an exclusion that is written into your policy.

So what you need is Ridesharing Insurance. This Hybrid Policy replaces your personal auto policy. Even if you drive for this company or that, have your app on or off. Whether you’re on your way to pick up passengers or just your groceries. Ridesharing Insurance (Uber Insurance) has you covered.

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Liability coverages are normally required by the state and help covers you in the event that you are in an at-fault car accident. Simply, this covers the other people and their property that you damaged. Whether it’s damages your car causes to property or injuries to other people, make sure you are covered by liability.

This includes:

Property Damage:

This coverage protects you when your vehicle causes damages to someone else’s property. Also gives you a legal defense if someone files a lawsuit against you.

Bodily Injury:

This covers you in the case that you injure or kill another person during using your car. Also provides a legal defense if another party in the accident files a lawsuit against you.


First party coverage

This coverage is normally optional for Ridesharing insurance. Primarily these coverages protect you, your car, and your passengers.

These coverages include:

Collision Coverage:

Pays for the damage to your vehicle, when your car hits or is hit by another vehicle or object despite who fault it is.

Comprehensive Physical Damage Coverage:

This pays for damages occurring from incidents other than collision. For example, damage to your car if it’s stolen or damaged by fire, flood, or animals.

Uninsured Motorist Coverage:

Covers for injuries to you made by an uninsured driver or in some states, a hit-and-run driver.  Also, some states have uninsured motorist coverage for damage to your car.

Medical payments, no-fault or personal injury protection:

Depends from state to state, this coverage is known by multiple names. No matter the name, this coverage normally pays for medical expenses of injured people inside of your car. This coverage also helps in protecting you, if you are injured as a pedestrian.