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If you are a for-hire trucker who is in the business of transporting the property of others, Motor Truck Cargo insurance is an essential protection against any unforeseen events.This coverage protects you if you’re legally liable for damage, destruction, or other loss to a customer’s property while in your possession. The cargo policy can also contain provisions to insure the cargo when it is in your terminal or warehouse.

Having cargo insurance makes a lot of sense, but, you may also be required by federal or state laws to have cargo insurance as part of your commercial auto insurance policy.

For example, motor carriers and freight forwarders who transport household goods across state lines are federally mandated to have motor truck cargo insurance.

Additional coverages available for your Motor Truck Cargo policy

Refrigeration Breakdown
Sue and Labor
Earned Freight Coverage
Loading & Unloading
Removal Expenses

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What if I'm hauling high-value commodities?

Most insurance companies have exclusions and limitations for “targeted” high-theft commodities such as consumer electronics, pharmaceuticals, and seafood.

Coverage for these commodities can usually be added for an additional premium.

What is usually excluded from the motor truck cargo coverage?

Your own cargo
Radioactive materials
Storage greater than 72 hours