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Most people who need flood insurance buy it from the federal government’s National Flood Insurance Program. But the NFIP policies’ coverage is limited to $250,000. If you or your lender want to have insurance coverage higher than that, you have to purchase at least some of your flood insurance in the private sector.

That means buying a federal policy with $250,000 coverage and an excess flood insurance policy for the additional coverage you need.

An excess flood policy mimics an NFIP policy, so whatever your federal flood policy covers, your excess policy should also cover.

Private-sector excess flood insurance covers you when a federal flood policy isn’t enough

What is going to affect my Excess Flood Insurance Rate?

Property location
Property elevation
The distance from your home to the water
Age of the property
The floor your condo is on
Amount of coverage you’re buying
Property flood zone
The facing of the building
(ocean or inland)
The deductible you choose

Can I only get a private excess flood policy?

Some carriers sell a completely private flood policy, eliminating the need for an NFIP policy.

Since the policies are market-based, they’re usually more expensive than NFIP. And insurers who offer them often only cover property valued at more than $1 million whose owners meet certain net worth standards.

In addition, some lenders are hesitant to accept entirely private flood insurance policies because they fear private policies won’t meet the legal requirements for being equivalent to government coverage.