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Car Insurance Tips and More

Rideshare insurance

Ride-share Insurance from Insurox

Uber and Lyft drivers have special needs when it comes to car insurance. Like virtually all drivers, they need... read more

Best car insurance rates

Fairview with worst and Woodcliff Lake with best Auto Insurance rates in Bergen County, NJ

As insurance agents, we, the staff of Insurox, are aware that a prospect’s zip code will affect their insurance... read more

Car insurance comparison

Why Online Car Insurance Comparison Is Important?

Successful online car insurance comparison require finding the company niche that best fits your circumstances.  That company will offer... read more

Traffic ticket

How much will your traffic ticket bump your car insurance premium?

Among all other factors traffic ticket means that your car insurance premium will go up. Depending on the moving violation,... read more

PIP insurance

What is PIP insurance?

PIP Insurance (Personal Injury Protection) is an extension of auto insurance that covers medical expenses, lost wages and other... read more

Non-owners auto insurance

Who needs Non Owners Auto Insurance?

Non Owners Auto insurance is for people who don’t actually own a car. This type of car insurance coverage can... read more

Divorced couple

Divorce means higher rate on your Car Insurance

That’s right, all other factors equal, divorce means that your car insurance premium will go up. You might lose certain... read more


12 Tips to save on Auto Insurance

Everyone wants to save money on their Auto Insurance. The rates are generally based on a number of factors including... read more

Flood Insurance

Flood News: Homeowner Flood Insurance Affordable Act (HFIAA)

On March 21, 2014 President Obama signed and put into law the Homeowners Flood Insurance Affordable Act (HFIAA). The... read more

Driving course

Defensive Driving Course can save you on your Auto Insurance

Driver errors are the accredited cause of most road accidents. For this reason it is important not only to... read more

Self Driving car

Driverless cars could lower car insurance rate

Innovations could lead to decreases in car insurance premiums by more than 60 percent in the 2020s from current... read more

Driving record

When will my Violation points expire of my driving record?

It’s very simple. Tickets cannot be removed from your driver record until the convictions expire. The points can stay... read more

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