Frequently Asked Questions


Paying for your insurance is easy and can be done the following ways:

  • Over the phone: All you have to do is call the phone number listed on your policy information and you’ll be able to make a payment. Payments can be made using a credit card, a debit card, a pre-paid card and even by check over the phone.
  • Over the Internet: Most major insurance companies offer a way to make a payment over the Internet. Just access your insurance carrier’s website, which is listed on your policy, and pay your insurance carrier directly.
  • By Mail: Send your check or money order to the address listed on your policy.

Each insurance company has their own policy when it comes to overdue or late payments. Some will charge you a late fee and others may go ahead and cancel your policy immediately if a payment is not made by the due date. Others may give you a short grace period such as a week or a month, before they cancel your policy.

If you cannot make a payment on time, please contact us before the due date in order for us to try to get you an extension on your payments.

Yes, insurance is subject to State regulation. This means they monitor companies for fair pricing of insurance, protecting insurance company solvency, preventing unfair practices by insurance companies, and ensuring availability of insurance coverage. All states have the power to approve insurance rates; to periodically conduct financial examinations of insurers; to license companies, agents, and brokers; and to monitor and regulate claims handling. This also means insurance companies are required to respect the fees they charge their customers.

Insurox Group Inc offers products and services that have served the community for over a decade.

Insurox partners with a variety of insurance carriers and, through our personalized service, we help you and your family find the options most suited to your needs and budget.


Generally, your insurance carrier will not cancel your policy because you were in an accident. When you file a claim, the carrier will carefully review your policy and your driving history to make sure your policy is still appropriate. If it will be affected, you will receive a notice detailing the changes, approximately 30 days before the new policy takes effect.

Insurox works for you so our trained and licensed agents research a variety of carriers to help you find the policy best suited to your needs and budget. Some of the things taken into consideration when determining the best auto insurance product for you include in which state you live, your driving record, the type of vehicle you drive, your residence, age, gender, marital status and other factors. These characteristics help the insurance carrier get an overall picture of your lifestyle and determine your risk factor, which in turn affects your insurance rate.

No, not all companies are able to offer the same coverage and discounts. At Insurox we carefully research and partner with carriers that can provide our customers with the best coverage options and rates available. Because of our relationships, we are often able to offer lower premiums and better discounts that may not be available through other companies or by purchasing directly from the carrier. And, because our agents are professionally licensed and trained, they know what information to include in policies so customers have the exact coverage they need, and don’t overspend getting something they could really do without.

Insurance policies vary greatly depending on a customer’s needs and budget. Our professionally trained agents can help you make sure you’re covered for an amount equal to the total value of your assets so you’re covered in the event of an incident, but you’re not overpaying for something you may not need.

Here are some of the things taken into consideration when getting a new policy:

How much are you willing to spend? If you have plenty of savings and are willing to take the risk that you may have higher out-of-pocket expenses after an incident, you could choose an insurance premium with a higher deductible and a lower monthly payment. If you have limited resources and don’t want to run the risk of paying much out-of-pocket after an incident, you could choose a policy with a lower deductible and slightly higher monthly premiums. Also, be aware of your policy limits. If you choose low limits, you may end up paying out-of-pocket for the difference between what your policy covers and the actual damage.

If you are obtaining a free quote online and you would like Help from an agent, please click on the Chat icon or call 888-546-1099.

Yes, but remember that adding or removing policy options will affect the final price of your policy.

No, all you have to do to make any changes to your policy is call us directly at 888-546-1099 and we’ll make the changes you need.

Yes, when you fill out the online quote form, make sure all the information to add is correct and you haven’t forgotten any important numbers.

Yes, please call one of our Customer Service agents at 888-546-1099 and they will be happy to help you make changes to your account.