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Protecting Your Valuables

Ah, the joys of a single-family home: mowing the lawn, shoveling the sidewalk, cleaning the gutters, and taking out the trash, just to name a few! OK, so while you still have to take out the garbage (we’re guessing you’re not a fan of flies), there’s no doubt about it — the convenience of a condo insurance or co-op is tough to beat!

But if you own one, chances are that the master policy purchased by the condo association or co-op corporation does not protect your personal items or the interior walls of your unit. What you need is a condo insurance, and with us, you can compare quotes from multiple companies and you can choose the most affordable one today! Saving time and money at once.

Saving A Little Dough

Many discounts are available on condo and co-op policies, especially for certain safety features. For example, you may qualify for a discount if your unit has deadbolt locks or a monitored alarm system.

Condo & Co-Op Policy Coverages

A Condo / Co-op policy helps protect your personal property from a variety of losses such as fire and theft. In addition, condominium policies include liability coverage for certain kinds of accidents, such as a neighbor slipping on a wet floor in the kitchen.

These policies also protect the interior walls and fixtures (such as cabinets) of your unit, whereas the master policy typically covers the outer structure. Besides, you didn’t really want to have to go shopping for new roofing shingles anyway, did you?

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