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Restaurants & Bars Insurance

If you are an owner of a restaurant or a bar, being the top of your competition is one the most important things. You probably understand the value of trying new things and the value of innovating.

But your plan shouldn’t start and end at what’s in front of you. This business is highly competitive and all you need to do is constantly have your white gloves on, and figuring out of what can be the next best thing or the special for the night so you’ll make your customers happy and be wanting to visit again. Choosing the right coverage is critical, but no need to worry, we have multiple options for protecting your business.

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General Liability Insurance

General liability is very important part of Restaurants & Bars Insurance. Will protect you against lawsuits and financial liabilities that can come from things like accidents or mistakes.

General liability commonly is bundled with a variety of different coverages in a Business Owners Policy. Our agents can check if you are eligible for a bundle and you can save even more.

 Commercial Property

Protects the establishment of your restaurant or a bar and the things you use to operate the business, like kitchen equipment – computers, desks, and other restaurant furniture, whether you own or lease them.

Errors & Omissions Insurance

Sometimes no matter how careful you are, or how many times your employees double check everything, an error might slide through the cracks and spark a lawsuit. That’s why it’s so important to secure your restaurant or a bar with Errors and Omissions Insurance, which protects companies like yours from those oh-so-human mistakes. Keep your business from falling down the rabbit hole of legal defense costs!

Business Owner’s Policy

Most of the times the restaurant or a bar businesses are seen as “medium-risk”, mainly because there are few physical threats on the premises. These businesses are sometimes eligible for a Business Owner’s Policies, or BOP, which combines a General Liability Insurance policy with a Property Insurance policy and offers you the bundle at a special, discounted rate.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Also known as “workman’s comp” or “workers’ liability insurance. This insurance makes sure your employees’ lost wages and medical bills are paid for in the event that they get injured on the job or get a work-related illness. As a business owner costs like these might be higher than what you can afford. Workers’ Compensation Insurance will help secure your business to stay running, even in tragic events. In addition, you can pick a policy that will protect you, the owner, in the event that you are injured on the job.

Umbrella Insurance

What if you want to secure your business with extra protection in the event of a surprisingly expensive lawsuit? For just a few hundred dollars a year, you can add millions of dollars in coverage to your General Liability Insurance, as well as some other kinds of policies you may carry, like Non-Owned Auto Insurance and Employer’s Liability Insurance. This type of coverage is called Umbrella or Excess Liability Insurance, and it’s active when a claim exceeds the limits of your existing insurance policies.

Business Income

Covers the loss of income when you can’t operate your restaurant or bar business because of property damage or any other reason that incapacitates your business.

Commercial Auto Insurance

As a business, you might need to travel for work, get supplies or go to a business event. Are the vehicles you use for work covered by a Commercial Auto or Hired & Non-Owned Auto Insurance policy? If not, your business is at a risk for the super high costs of accidents like medical expenses, lawsuits, vehicle damage and many more.