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Protect your employees and your business

Keeping your employees safe at work is a very important part of running your business. However, if a worker suffers a work-related injury or illness, workers compensation coverage provides you and your employees with important protection.

It also protects your business from being sued by employees for workplace conditions that can cause said injury or illness.

The workers’s comp policy may provide payment for medical treatment, temporary and permanent disability and death benefits.

Workers' Compensation Insurance is required by law in almost every state in the US

The basics of workers' compensation

Workers’ comp insurance typically only covers injuries or illnesses when they occur as a result of duties performed on the job or while at work.

The workers’ compensation insurance policy will help pay for the medical expenses needed to treat these job related injuries and illnesses.

Workers’ compensation will also help employees keep their income while they take time off to recover.

Examples of injuries that may be covered by workers' comp include:

Injuries caused by lifting heavy equipment
Slipping on a wet or oily surface
Sustaining injury due to fires or explosions
Injury from a car accident during work hours

Many state workers’ comp programs do not provide coverage for injuries that occur while an employee is not acting within the scope of employment – such as playing football with friends on a day off.