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What is Vacant Home Insurance?

If you leave your home empty for a few weeks, you will most likely void your homeowners’ insurance coverage. The reason for that is that vacant/unoccupied houses have a higher risk of theft, vandalism, fire, or weather-related hazards, but your premium is based on a lower-risk scenario where your property is presumed occupied. Different insurance carriers have varying policies, but most of them will consider your home “vacant” or “unoccupied” if it’s left empty for 60 days or more.

A vacant home insurance policy provides coverage for such houses and gives you, the owner, a piece of mind.

Before leaving town for an extended period of time, contact our expert property insurance agents to ensure you have a proper vacant home insurance coverage.

Make sure your vacant home is protected accordingly while it's waiting for new tenants, owners, or undergoing renovations

When do I need Vacant House insurance for my property?

Property is under renovation
Property is for sale and is awaiting buyers
Property is a secondary/vacation house
Property is for rent and is awaiting tenants
The homeowner is taking an extended trip
The homeowner is receiving extended medical treatment

Vacant Home insurance coverage

The coverage options for a vacant house vary between insurance carriers due to the significant differences between a homeowners policy for occupied homes, and vacant property policy for unoccupied homes.

A vacant home is usually harder to insure and requires either an endorsement or a separate policy, depending on the insurance company. Some of them will not insure vacant homes at all but, we’ve partnered with several A rated*, or higher, companies to provide you with the appropriate coverage for your vacant home.

The most common coverages included in a Vacant Home policy are

Named Peril Coverage – fire, wind, hail, vandalism, smoke, sprinkler leakage, lightning, explosion, etc.
Vandalism and Malicious Mischief Coverage – physical damage or defacing of the home
Landlord Flexibility – provides easy transition to a Dwelling Fire/Landlord insurance policy
Actual cash value loss settlement – takes depreciation into account when settling a claim
Pro-rated cancellation – refund for the remaining balance of the policy term when your house is sold or rented
Flexible policy terms – options for 3, 6, 9, or 12-month policies