7 Worst Illegal Driving Habits We All Have

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We all know that none of us are perfect drivers. But as time passes, our perfect double-handed grip on the steering wheel may have slipped a little and other bad habits have crept in. Most of us do one of these habits but we don’t know that they may also be illegal. Example, turning right on red in New York City is considered illegal but just outside of the city border is totally legal. So here are the 7 illegal driving habits most of us do. We all know that is true and traffic laws can be really confusing to us.

7 Illegal Driving Habits

1. Driving With Headphones On

If you listen to loud music in your car that can be just enough to distract you from a lot of important noises in the traffic. Aside from ignoring noises like car horns, railroad-crossing, emergency vehicle sirens or alarms—plus if you had headphones on you’re shutting out all the chances to hear your surroundings. And here is the secret, having headphones on is illegal in almost all states.

2. Using A Smartphone While Driving

In most of the states texting and driving is illegal but we all know that even a single a notification or a phone call is distracting us from the road. In fact, Washington State just did so in an innovative way with its new DUIE (Driving Under the Influence of Electronics) regulation. But our safety should be first! Wherever you are just put your phone on don’t disturb or airplane mode before you hit the gas pedal.

3. Tailgating

Sometimes if you don’t pay attention you can be too close to a car in front of you this limits your attention to the surrounding traffic. It can also result in a ticket. The space you should leave depends on your speed and the local conditions (e.g., a traffic jam or rain storm); try to keep what’s generally referred to as a “reasonable and prudent” distance from other cars.

4. Speeding

You try to catch the yellow light to shave a couple of minutes of your travel time, right? Did you know that speeding is one of the top reasons for accidents to happen?Statistics prove the point: In 2015, says the IIHS, 27 percent of all crash fatalities—more than 9,000 deaths—were related to speeding.

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5. Changing Lanes Without Signaling

In heavy traffic, using your blinker to signal a lane change is a necessity; without it, other drivers won’t know your intention. When traffic is light, though, it’s easier to be lazy about turning it on. You may or may not be pulled over for this infraction, but good habits begin with good communication, regardless of conditions or laws.

6. Not Having Your Headlights On

Everyone knows that you need to use your headlights in the dark which makes sense but having them on during the day it’s a good signal for the other drivings to know your presence. Headlights are also very useful on bad weather conditions both for the other drivers around you and yourself.

7. Not Wearing a Seatbelt

Most of us put on the seatbelt, actually is 90% of us according to NHTSA at least 27 million American still don’t buckle up. Even though seatbelts saved almost 14,000 lives in 2015 alone. And you know how it is, “click it or ticket” so don’t neglect the seatbelt it’s very important!


These are one of the most common illegal driving habits that people do. Try avoiding the Illegal driving habits which will result in less stress and less tickets for you to pay.


Good habits start with defensive driving—which could also earn you a discount on auto insurance with Insurox.

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