4 Reasons to Leave Your Car Insurance Company

4 reasons to change your car insurance,Leave Your Car Insurance Company,

You probably are familiar that sometimes auto insurance rates can change depending on scenarios like; buying a new car, moving out or even getting married or graduating school. This is the time for you to leave your car insurance company and check others to ensure you are getting the best rate that meets your needs.

Even if you are happy with your current insurance company. Checking out the competition from time to time is a very smart idea, this can help keep your current rate low. Plus this sends a message to your insurance company that you are on a search for a better rate. This will probably motivate your current insurer to keep you.

We recommend checking for other companies every six months. But sometimes even if you have the same rates from multiple companies, trust us, it’s not all about the price. You have to check the coverage limits and all circumstances and make sure they support all your needs. If you’re not getting that support, you might have to leave your car insurance company

With the help of our Agents at Insurox, we give you our expert advice when its the time to consider changing your insurance company.

1. The insurance company increased your rates and it’s not your fault.

As we said there are numerous of factors that can impact your insurance rate. For example, where you live, what car you drive, your driving history and even information such as your age, gender, marital status and your credit score. When any of these factors change there is a big chance that your rate can change too. Sometimes for better sometimes for worse. The older you get the more your rate will drop. Also if you cause a collision your rate can raise up to 50%.

Just remember that insurance companies are businesses that have to make money to function. Most of the companies will raise your premium if you’ve been in an accident or there is a natural disaster or something similar. Mainly because they will have big losses.

2. Your insurance agent is not transparent about your policy

One of the most important things between you and the insurance company is the customer support and transparency. If you think that you are not getting the results you expect, you might consider other options. If the agent is not flexible with your insurance requests, you should know that there are a lot of companies that would like to try to keep your business.

Remember that you should always have access to your policy and be able to make adjustments even mid-cycle, so if you are told that you can’t do that you should definitely start shopping around.

Also, know that if you are making changes like adding a new car or another driver, your rate might raise up or even be lower, this doesn’t mean that they are treating you unfairly.

If a member or agent of the company is rude to you.

If you were treated rudely from customers support or from an agent, you should definitely consider changing your insurance company.

Know that there are a lot of different companies that you can choose from, that will value your business.

If you have issues that can’t be fixed with customers service. You can always ask to speak with a supervisor to resolve them. If you didn’t resolve your concerns and end up switching companies because of a customer-service issue, mention the incident to your new insurer to make sure you will not go through the same headaches.

Rude Insruance Agent

3. Your insurance company makes changes to your monthly bill without informing you about it

If you notice that your monthly bill changed all of a sudden, and you haven’t been contacted/informed. This can be a big problem and can be a sign for you to change your current insurer.

If you don’t feel you were adequately informed, shop around for a new company that meets your customer-service needs.

4. You want to be able to conduct insurance business online

If you are the one that wants to make adjustments or add new drivers or cars to their policy online, without speaking with someone. You need an insurer that will fit your needs.

Most of the bigger insurance companies already have online access for their clients. But if this is your suggested way of managing your policy, you have to make sure that they have this option for you.

Do your research and you might have to leave your car insurance company for the better.

If you’ve been with a company for a long time, particularly a local one you know, the thought of changing companies might feel uncomfortable and make you feel slightly guilty. But when it comes to insurance, you need to do what’s best for your needs.

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  • Joy Butler Reply

    I love how you mentioned how critical it is that your insurance agent is very clear with you. There is nothing worse than your agent being vague with you. If I was looking for a new car insurance company, I would make sure that the agents were very thorough.

    August 24, 2018 at 5:19 pm

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