Insurox Compared to Everquote, and The Zebra for Personal Insurance

If you are a regular on our blog, you probably know what we are advising people when it comes to shopping for insurance. If it’s your first time here you have to know that, comparing quotes from multiple insurance companies it’s a necessity, in order to save money.

With that said, there are other companies like Insurox, that can also compare quotes from multiple companies for you. Meaning that you will not need to quote every insurance company one by one. Therefore, we have chosen the top three insurance comparing companies and decided to take it a step further. So we made a comparative rater comparison.

In this article, we will compare Insurox’s online quoting system and overall services to Everquote,, and The Zebra. All of the companies mentioned are here to make the insurance process lot easier and find the best price for you. They can do that because they have the ability to compare quotes from multiple carriers.

Today we will compare all of the features that each company offers. For comparing quotes we will only consider those that actually give you a price, that is a direct contact with the carrier and that you can buy online.

Here is our comparison in a simplified way for all of the companies, so you can find out what is the best option for you. The information provided is from the websites of the companies and third-party sources. Some things might change over time, so just know that this comparison was made on 6/22/2018.

EVERQUOTE ,Insurox, Insurox VS EVERQUOTE, COMPARE.COM, THEZEBRA, Auto Insurance, Homeowners insurance, Condo Insurance, Renters Insurance, Flood Insurance, Direct Carriers,
EVERQUOTE ,Insurox, Insurox VS EVERQUOTE, COMPARE.COM, THEZEBRA, Auto Insurance, Homeowners insurance, Condo Insurance, Renters Insurance, Flood Insurance, Direct Carriers,


Customer Support

First of all, the services that are provided by all of the companies are free, so no worries here. Now let’s see which company is best for customer support.

If you are the type that doesn’t want to talk on the phone the best thing for you is live chat support! Live chat is only available with us and all other companies don’t have it.

Rating according to third-party reviews website

Here we will compare the ratings for the companies from multiple third-party sources. The ratings are aggregated from all of the ratings from the websites below.

We can all see that Insurox is a clear winner when it comes to customer support. Also, we will try to update this blog post from time to time to keep up with the latest information/ratings.

Online Real-time Quoting

Auto Insurance

We did a thorough testing on all of the websites. We quoted multiple car options and states, so we could simulate a realistic customer shopping for insurance. Relatively all of the websites had pretty easy and simple quoting process.

From one to another they are similar but they have their differences. For which one is the best we can’t say, because it all comes down to the customers’ preference. Some might ask you for more information some for less. With that said, let’s see the actual options we’ve got from the companies, like how many quotes we can compare and how many we can actually buy on the spot.

Results got the most rates (7 quotes) for comparing and that you can actually buy directly online. Insurox also shows you quotes that you can buy over the phone with an agent, but we are only comparing buying a policy online. doesn’t have any direct carriers to compare quotes from. also has direct carriers, they claim that they have 54 Insurance Companies. But from our testing, we only got one quote from a carrier that you could actually buy online. So that doesn’t look like you are comparing 54 companies. on their website they say that they work with over 200 insurance companies.  First of all, this is kinda strange because they don’t even give you quotes from at least 10 companies.  Nonetheless, we tested their quoting system too and, we only got one direct real-time quote. All other were referrals or you had to call an agent and go through the same process again which is totally not as advertised.

Other types of insurance

As of today real-time quoting for Homeowners, Condo, Renters, and Flood insurance are only available with Insurox. The other companies only have a real-time quoting process for Auto insurance.

If you choose Insurox it will be a big benefit, because you can compare auto and other insurances that you’ll need. Plus there are discounts on bundle insurances.

Other Information

  • Available States

In this segment, Insurox is the only one that’s not available in all the states. All other companies are available in all 50 states in America.

  • Direct Carriers

  • Insurox has 52 direct carriers
  • Everquote doesn’t have any direct carriers, they are a lead generator and they sell or share your information with other agencies or insurance companies.
  • has 54 Insurance Companies
  • on their website they say that they work with over 200 insurance companies. But, we don’t have the information how many of those are direct carriers or just referrals.
  • USA Funding / Ownership

  • Insurox is USA funded, privately owned company.
  • Everquote is USA funded, owned by multiple investors and ventures.
  • is not USA funded, they are owned by multiple investors and ventures and backed by Admiral Insurance Company.
  • is USA funded, owned by multiple investors and ventures

We hope this article will help you choose which company is the best for your needs, and save you alot of time. And if you know anyone else that might have a benefit from this article feel free to share it, because it will probably help them out.

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