4 Advantages to choose Independent Insurance Agency

Independent Insurance AgencyAre you looking for guidance to navigate you through the process of purchasing insurance for all of your needs? Look no further than your independent insurance agency, such as Insurox.

We are part of your community and strive to make sure we have tailored your policy to protect your investments and fit within your budget.


1. Benefits of an Independent Insurance Agency: Time


Many people have chosen to deal directly with a single insurance company. But what about the people who are shopping around; they would have to fill out numerous applications and waste precious time waiting to hear back from the companies.

Let’s be honest, most of our time is already occupied with our daily responsibilities to work, family and other obligations. The independent agent is an advantageous choice when looking to purchase insurance policies from top-rated insurance companies. It’s a hassle-free system that could save you a substantial amount of money as well as time.

Consider the personal auto quotation system at Insurox. Instead of filling out a ton of applications for different, Insurox takes your information and within minutes you receive quotes.

2. Direct Guidance from Professional Agents: Client-Oriented

Our agent is on your side as they go over the quotes with you and find suitable policies for you. They will also advise you on your best rates and give you detailed insight into the different features and incentives of particular insurance companies. For instance, did you know that Plymouth Rock offers a special incentive that will reimburse you for a cab ride up to $50, if you feel you are too intoxicated to drive home? Do you know about Snapshot from Progressive or Yubi from Plymouth Rock?

Both Yubi and Snapshot are programs that monitor policyholders driving habits, enabling the customer to monitor their own driving habits with a great discount as an incentive to join the program. As of today, many consumers are becoming aware of the advantages of having a personal agent. That are ready to assist each client with claims, policy changes, coverage options and so much more. As opposed to a direct writer whom works for the insurance company that employs them, independent agent’s work for the client.

3. Over 30+ Insurance Companies work with Insurox: Value in Volume

While incorporating over 30+ different top-rated insurance companies to work with, Insurox clients have a great opportunity to save money and time with having an agent review their policy and get them the best rate available. Not only will the client save money and time, they will allow a knowledgeable agent to assist them in the process of buying insurance.

Another valuable asset associated with an independent insurance agency will be the fact that your agent is on your side during your life journey. Maybe you are getting married and are set to buy a new home. Insurox agents will be ready and available to assist you through every step of your life; whether it’s a homeowners policy, a new business venture, a child getting ready to be added as a driver on your policy, all areas are covered by your personal agency.

With specialists in personal lines and commercial lines, Insurox is the one-stop shop for all your insurance needs. One call could save you a great deal of money on your insurance policies. As well as saving you time and giving you the ability to choose which policy suits you best. At Insurox, the quotes’ are free, but the advice could be priceless.

4. Community Relations: We care, we are your neighbors

We live in your community, we are your neighbors and we understand. The locale and are invested in getting you quality coverage from some of the best companies in the insurance business.

Personally, I have encountered a few clients that did not have the proper coverage, before switching to Insurox. When they spoke to the direct writer of a well-known carrier, seeking full coverage for their automobile, they didn’t realize they needed to explain the fact that they needed comprehensive and collision coverage.

With our professional agents here to advise you, you will know exactly what coverage you have to protect your investments. But, if you want to alter your coverage, your agent will assist you with changes to your policy.

Taking the initiative to purchase insurance policies by yourself is admirable. But in the long run, you could be taking coverages that will not fully protect you. And this could leave you in financial ruin if any accidents that were not covered happen to occur.

To make sure you have the proper coverage for all of your insurance policies, call Insurox and speak to one our professional agents. They will go over your current policies to see if you have any gaps in your insurance that need to be addressed. Trust the Ox!

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