How much will your traffic ticket bump your car insurance premium?

blog-insurox-traffic-ticket-policeAmong all other factors traffic ticket means that your car insurance premium will go up.

Depending on the moving violation, getting even one traffic ticket can increase your car insurance premium by as much as 37 percent, according to an analysis of over 15,000 policy quotes conducted by in New Jersey.

The study is made on a single incident. The Car Insurance premium may be higher for certain drivers, especially for those with multiple violations on their records.

According to the study, most drivers, regardless of the insurance company will see increase on their car insurance premium between 8-37% on a single traffic ticket.
Insurance rate calculations vary significantly from company to company, and most insurance companies are not providing information to the public on exactly how rates are calculated.

Traffic Tickets can bump you insurance premium as much as 37 percent

Here’s the list of how much traffic ticket may increase your auto insurance premium, in New Jersey determined by

  1. >> Speeding 1-14: 8 percent

  2. >> Speeding 15-29: 12 percent

  3. >> Speeding 30 mph over: 20 percent

  4. >> DUI first offense: 26 percent

  5. >> Driving without a license or permit: 19 percent

  6. >> Careless driving: 37 percent

  7. >> Failure to stop: 23 percent

  8. >> Improper turn: 22 percent

  9. >> Improper passing: 18 percent

  10. >> Following too close/tailgating: 21 percent

  11. >> Failure to yield: 17 percent

  12. >> No car insurance: 16 percent

  13. >> Minor Moving Violation: 10 percent

  14. >> Unsafe Driving: 12 percent

However, drivers with a history of repeated moving violations including driving under the influence, leaving the scene of an accident, and careless driving – are always charged higher insurance premiums.

If you see big increase because of you moving violation, try to get the all discounts that are offered by your insurance company so you will “neutralize” your traffic ticket.

If you feel like trying a new insurer — and possibly saving some money while you’re at it — get a free Insurox quote or compare quotes online.

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  • Martin Wolff Reply

    This is good information. It helps to know if you’re being gouged on insurance rates and if it’s time to shop around…

    September 29, 2014 at 6:11 pm
  • Middle TN Insurance Group Reply

    Great read, you can always get a quote from an insurance company so you can make sure you are spending as little money as possible but still getting good coverage.

    December 17, 2014 at 4:45 pm

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