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A little bit more about NITIC

National Independent Truckers Insurance Company, RRG (NITIC) was launched in 2001 by Michael J. Poller with the goal of providing affordable truck insurance to independent owner-operators and small fleets.
After 12 years in business, NITIC has evolved and grown but our goal of providing affordable commercial truck insurance remains the same.

NITIC is now licensed to underwrite insurance in 48 states. They employ an entire office of licensed insurance agents specializing in only trucking and commercial insurance. Their team is well versed in the evolving requirements of the federal government, freight brokers, and commercial freight carriers. They are based in Linden, New Jersey, near two of the busiest commercial truck traffic areas in the world – Port Newark and New York City.

NITIC is organized as a Risk Retention Group meaning its policyholder members are also its owners. The Risk Retention Group is limited to providing insurance to only individuals engaging in commercial trucking. This allows them to establish a stable market for coverage and rates, implement effective loss control/risk management practices, and offer premiums below many other major carriers.

Lines of Business

  • Primary Liability
  • Motor Truck Cargo
  • Non-Trucking Liability
  • Physical Damage
  • Trailer Interchange
  • Short Term Insurance and Temporary Insurance

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How to report a claim with NITIC

How to pay a bill to NITIC

  • Online: Go to enter your information and make a payment.
  • By phone: Reach their customer service department at 888-237-7922
  • Mail: NITIC’s mailing address is National Independent Truckers Insurance Company, RRG., 610-618 W. St. Georges Ave., Linden, NJ 07036